How to Create a Free Chat Room With No Email Address

by Jay Darrington

Most chat-room providers typically require an email address in order to create a chat room. However, if you do not want to sign up for a service, or you don't want to use an email address, there are several chat services that will still let you create a chat room. You can use then use these services to set up communication with other people, just as you would with a regular chat room.

Step 1

Select a chat room provider that doesn't require an email address. See "Resources" for a few choices that don't require email.

Step 2

Follow the instructions listed on the website to create your chat room. Typically the site will ask you to name the chat room as well as send out emails to other people to join.

Click on the "Submit" button. You will then be taken to your chat room. From there, you can invite other people to join either through their own email addresses or a link through a website.


  • Keep the link to your chat room open on your web browser. If you leave the chat room and there is nobody in the room, the chat site may delete your room.


  • Some chat sites will allow you to make a permanent link to your website, so that you can use the chat room as part of the site as way for people to interact with you.

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