How to Create a Chart in MS Access 2007

By Megan Mullinger

Microsoft Access is a database creation program that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. In addition to creating databases, there are a number of other functions this program can perform including creating charts. You can create a variety of charts with Access such as pie charts and bar graphs, which are useful for presenting and summarizing data.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Access 2007 program on your computer and enter your data into a database. This should be done via a query.

Step 2

Locate the Chart Wizard, which is located in the 'Reports' section of Access. Click on the green 'new' button and select 'Chart Wizard'.

Step 3

Select your data file from the query list. The chart wizard will guide you through the process of selecting your data.

Step 4

Add your data to the chart by moving it to the 'Fields for chart' section of the chart wizard using the arrows on screen.

Select the type of chart you want to use from the options given and press finish.