How to Create a Chart in MS Access 2007

By Megan Mullinger

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Microsoft Access is a database creation program that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. In addition to creating databases, there are a number of other functions this program can perform including creating charts. You can create a variety of charts with Access such as pie charts and bar graphs, which are useful for presenting and summarizing data.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Access 2007 program on your computer and enter your data into a database. This should be done via a query.

Step 2

Locate the Chart Wizard, which is located in the 'Reports' section of Access. Click on the green 'new' button and select 'Chart Wizard'.

Step 3

Select your data file from the query list. The chart wizard will guide you through the process of selecting your data.

Step 4

Add your data to the chart by moving it to the 'Fields for chart' section of the chart wizard using the arrows on screen.

Step 5

Select the type of chart you want to use from the options given and press finish.