How to Create a Chart of Hours Worked

by Vera Leigh
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If you have an unpredictable schedule that does not give you a guaranteed 40 hours a week, then you might want to create a chart in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that allows you to track your hours worked over time. You can compare this chart to the hours listed on your paycheck to make sure your place of employment has correctly calculated your payment.

Step 1

Open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You often will find the Microsoft Excel icon on your desktop or on your "Start" menu. Double-click the icon on your desktop or single-click the icon on your "Start" menu to begin.

Step 2

Click on cell A1. Type "Week 1." Press "Enter." In cells A2 through A8, type the number of hours you worked. Each cell represents a day of the week.

Step 3

Click on cell A9. Then click on the empty "fx" box across your toolbar. Type the following formula to determine the total number of hours worked: =SUM(A2:A8)

Step 4

Press "Enter." The total hours will appear in cell A9.

Turn your data into a chart. Highlight cells A2 through A8 with your cursor: Click A2 and hold down the "Shift" key and the down arrow. Move the down arrow down the list of cells until you reach cell A8. Click the "Insert" tab on your toolbar, followed by "Column." Select a column chart. Excel will insert a column chart that reflects your data.


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