How to Create 2 Cards Per Page With Microsoft Word

By Danielle Cort

Save money by printing your own cards.
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Whether you are creating a thank-you card, a postcard or a name tag, you can save paper by fitting two cards on a standard size page. You can create one card and copy it to fit two to a page, or you can create two different cards to fit on a single page. Word gives you the flexibility to create the type of card you want. Word does not have a built-in function for doing this, however, and setting up a document for printing two cards per page requires a combination of settings.

Step 1

Open Word to a blank document. Click "Page Layout" and select "Size." Select "Double Postcard" from the list. You see a single page in Word.

Step 2

Create your card by adding text, images, shapes or formatting. Use the buttons on the "Insert" tab to add these elements to your card. When you are satisfied with your design, select everything on the page and copy it to the next page to create a duplicate. Alternatively, go to the bottom of the first page and press "Ctrl" and "Enter" to create a new page. Design the second card. Save your file.

Step 3

Click "File," "Print." Scroll through the print settings to confirm that "Double Post Card" is still selected. Select "2 Pages Per Sheet" instead of "1 Page Per Sheet." You should see your two cards show up on the same page in the preview pane on the right side. Word displays them as appearing on separate pages, but they will print on one page.

Step 4

Click "Print" to print a test page to confirm that the two cards print on a single page.