How to Create a Calendar From Spreadsheet Data

By Tara Duggan

Using a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or Google Docs Spreadsheets for creating a calendar allows you to generate a customized view for project management, volunteer work or family activities. Create all 12 months in a single worksheet or create each in a separate worksheet and use formulas to construct calendars to meet specific needs such as a school year, fiscal year or to display weeks in a different pattern than Sunday to Sunday. From the File menu, select New and then click Calendars to choose a template. Or, create your own simple calendar.

Making a Calendar

Open Excel and type the word Sunday in cell A1. Click A1 to select and then click on bottom right corner to select the fill handle. The file hand feature allows you to quickly fill in data, in this case the days of the week.

Rename the worksheet (by right mouse clicking on the worksheet tab and selecting rename to enter the new name) to the month which you are creating (for example, January 2010).

In row B, click the cell of the first day of the month. For example, click F2, and enter 1. Then continue to enter the days of the month to create your basic spreadsheet data.

Select all the filled cells. Right mouse click and select All Borders from the table formatting options. Your simple calendar is complete.

To add additional data, such as meetings or other events, select the rows and then right mouse click and select Row Height and enter 60. Select the columns and right mouse click and select Column Width and enter 20. Then, add details such as News Year's Day. Add a row to the left and times in increments appropriate your situation.

Construct calendars for individuals and create a summary by creating another worksheet, with formulas linking the two. For example, ='January 2010 Amy'!F2 inserts the value for Amy's calendar. In this manner, you can assemble an "at a glance" view of several people or groups.