How to Create a Calendar for a Newsletter

By Glenna Parks

Great, you've got a newsletter! It may keep co-workers and clients abreast of company developments or it may update family members near and far on tales of Junior's terrible 2s, but either way, you want to keep readers informed of upcoming events. The best way? An embedded calendar featuring dates and times of your next meeting or soiree. Here's how.

How to Create a Calendar for a Newsletter

Microsoft Word is the easiest program in which to create your newsletter. It's universality makes it the best format to email such documents to co-workers, family and friends. To begin, open the program.

Fill your newsletter with relevant articles and paste photos.

Once ready for the calendar, click the File menu, then New.

Under New Document, you'll see Templates. Under Templates, choose On My Computer.

Click the Other Documents tab.

Click Calendar Wizard.

If the Wizard does not appear, you may need to download it from the Microsoft website.

Follow instructions in the Wizard, customizing your calendar.

Once created, you may copy and paste the calendar into your newsletter and add events in each text box.