How to Create Business Cards in Fireworks

By Rochelle Connery

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Fireworks is an Adobe graphic design product that can help you create company logos, Web design images and even business cards. Depending on the complexity of your design, you can have a business card created in a few minutes if you already have your design idea in mind. Always remember to save your file as you progress to prevent losing your hard work, and make sure any separate files (such as a letterhead or logo) are saved separately before editing them in Fireworks.

Step 1

Open Fireworks and select the "Create New Fireworks Document" option. If you plan on having a full-color business card with color that runs to all edges of the card, you need to specify dimensions that allow for cutting the card. For example, specify the card size to be 3.75 inches in length and 2.25 inches in width. If you have a white card or want white borders at the edges, specify the finished business card size as 3.5 inches long by 2 inches wide.

Step 2

Select the canvas color for the card using the color palette. When in doubt, choose the transparent option. If you need a larger business card to accommodate color on the edges, make sure all text and image elements added to the card remain within 1/4 inch on each side of the card so that nothing is cut off.

Step 3

Make a background for your card. The most common tools are the solid Paintbucket tool, the Gradient tool or the Styles category under the Assets box on the right hand side of the workspace where your project is located. Your options will vary based upon the version of Fireworks you have as not all color and style combinations are available in each version. In the left sidebar, select the rectangle tool under the "Vector" category. Draw the box around the border of your business card and make your color and gradient selections in the Properties section below the workspace.

Step 4

Insert the logo or photo in the desired location by selecting "File" then "Import." This will open a dialog box where you can browse to the file location and open it. It will not open automatically; you must click and drag the mouse inside the business card where you'd like the image to be placed so that the logo will appear then drag the edges of the image with the mouse to resize it if necessary. It will get larger the more you drag it, and you can always resize it later.

Step 5

Insert text elements by clicking the "A" button in the left sidebar under the "Vector" category. Move the mouse to where you'd like the text to begin then select Text Properties" underneath the workspace.

Step 6

Select the font by clicking the font menu; mouse over the font names to see a preview. Make any additional selections based on font size, color and orientation.

Step 7

Relocate your text in the card by pressing the black arrow button at the top left of the sidebar and clicking on the text box. To edit the text again, you must click the "A" text button.