How to Create a Bumper Sticker for Facebook

by Carolyn Luck
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Have you noticed that some of your Facebook friends have personalized their profiles with bumper stickers? The Facebook Bumper Sticker application allows users to upload, view and share stickers, even incorporating the use of personal photos. There are millions of stickers to choose from, and Facebook users can create their own in a few quick steps.

Step 1

Go to the Start Menu and select "All Programs." Select "Accessories," then "Paint."

Step 2

Click "Image" and "Attributes." Enter 170 for the width and 200 for the height.

Step 3

Use the tools in the left column to create an image or copy and paste an image from another location.

Step 4

Click "File" and "Save" with the name of your choice. Locate the "Save As Type" box and change the type to "JPEG."

Open the Facebook Bumper Sticker application and click the "Upload Stickers" tab. Choose the desired file from your directory and select. Click "Upload."


  • The Facebook Bumper Sticker app may contain content that is explicit in nature, so it is best to closely monitor underage children when using this application.

Items you will need

  • Image editing program; e.g., Microsoft Paint

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