How to Create a Bootable Disk From ISO

by Quinten Plummer

The ISO image format allows you to store virtual backups of your CDs and DVDs on your computer's hard drive. The contents of your CDs or DVDs are stored in the ISO format, along with its boot information, allowing you to create physical copies as you need them. And unlike standard burning software, an ISO utility like PowerISO--which is capable of reading the ISO format and its boot information--can create a bootable, physical copy of your virtual image file.

Step 1

Navigate your web browser to the official homepage of PowerISO and download a copy of the utility (see link in Resources). After the download has completed, close all other programs and install it. After the software is installed, PowerISO will need to reboot your computer before it is ready to run.

Step 2

Launch the program. Click "Open" located in the top left corner of PowerISO. Use the File Explorer window that pops up to locate the ISO file on your computer. Select the file. Click "Open" in the bottom left corner of the Explorer window.

Step 3

Insert a blank CD or DVD into your computer's CD/DVD-ROM drive. Click "Burn" located near the top right corner of PowerISO. The Burn Image File menu will appear.

Navigate to the heading labeled "Burning Parameters" and place a check in the box labeled "Verify Written Data." Click "Burn" at the bottom of the window to burn a physical copy of the ISO image file.

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