How to Create a DVD Boot Disk With the Format Option

by TS Jordan

A boot DVD is a DVD containing files that the computer can use to load an operating system that differs from the one currently installed to the hard drive. Creating a DVD with the format option requires you to create a DOS boot disk, because format is one of the system tools that is built into the DOS operating system. This requires nothing more than 20 to 30 minutes of your time.

Navigate to "" and download a DOS image file. All of these files contain the format function, but if unsure of which to download, obtain the file with the highest version number because it is the latest software.

Save the image file to your desktop.

Put a blank DVD into your computer, and start your DVD burning program.

Select the option to create a "Boot CD," and set the boot image to the file downloaded during Step 1.


  • close Formatting your hard drive will erase all of the data contained therein, so be sure to back up your important folders, files and documents before utilizing the format utility on your boot DVD.

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