How to Create Books in Microsoft Word 2007

By Foye Robinson

i Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Microsoft Office Word 2007 can help you create a book whether you’re writing a thesis, manual, e-book, or recipe book. You’ll find templates that will assist you in designing and formatting the type of book you want. By utilizing Word’s templates, you’ll save time and not have to start from scratch. It’s important to proof your work for errors as you enter the content for your book. Word includes built-in spelling and grammar checking, a Thesaurus and word counter, so you can complete your book more quickly.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word 2007. Click on the Microsoft Office Button and select “New.” The “New Document” dialog box will open.

Step 2

Select “More categories” from the left pane under “Microsoft Office Online.” Then pick “Books” from the list of choices and find the type of book you want to create.

Step 3

Double-click to open the template you want and edit it. Add the content you need and remove what you don’t want.

Step 4

Change the view by selecting the “View” tab and clicking on “Print Layout,” so you can easily see the headers and footers. To edit the header or footer, find the header/footer on your page and double-click it. To return to the main content on your document, click on “Close Header and Footer” in the “Design” tab.

Step 5

Use the spell-check to check your book for spelling errors by pressing “F7” on your keyboard. To utilize Word’s built-in research, select the “Review” tab and click on “Research.” The “Research” task pane will open. Type in your question under “Search for:” and press the “Enter” key to view the results.

Step 6

Edit your page options by clicking on the “Page Layout” tab and clicking on the drop-down arrow under “Page Setup” to open the “Page Setup” dialog box.

Step 7

Choose the orientation (portrait or landscape) for your book by clicking on the “Margins” tab.

Step 8

Adjust the number of pages for your book by clicking on the drop-down list by “Multiple pages.” Choose “2 pages per sheet,” “Book fold,” or “Reverse book fold,” depending on the option you need. You’ll see a preview of your page below the option. Then click on “OK.”

Step 9

View the finished product before printing your book by selecting the Microsoft Office Button. Click on “Print” and “Print Preview.”

Step 10

Save your work by clicking the “Save” button from the Quick Access Toolbar.