How to Create a BOM Using MS Excel

By Tricia Goss

Explain costs with a BOM.
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A BOM is a bill of materials, which lists in detail the materials, components and quantities of materials that go into a specific job or end product. A BOM helps you to determine the final bill and to explain cost disbursement to your customers. You can create a thorough bill of materials using Microsoft Excel without extensive effort by downloading a BOM template.

Step 1

Start Excel by double-clicking the Excel icon on your taskbar or desktop, or click "Start," point to "Programs" or "All Programs" and select "Microsoft Excel."

Step 2

Go to the "File" menu in Excel 2003 and select "New" or click the "Office Button" in Excel 2007 and select "New."

Step 3

Type "bill of materials" into the "Search Office Online" under "Templates." Click "Go" or press "Enter."

Step 4

Select the BOM template you want to use. Click "Download." The template opens as a new Excel worksheet. Go to the "File" menu in Excel 2003 or the "Office Button" in Excel 2007 and click "Save As." Enter a name for the worksheet and save the file in your desired location.

Step 5

Enter the job name, material descriptions, costs and quantities and dates purchased or used. Save the file again before closing and print as needed.