How to Create Another Blog on Blogger

By Editorial Team

Updated December 12, 2019

Blogger is a blogging Web site that allows us to share our daily lives with the world from the comfort of our own homes. You'll even find that some people have more than one blog on Blogger. Read on to learn how to create another blog on Blogger.

Use your current username and password to sign in to the Blogger site.

Check the dashboard to see your current blogs and latest posts. Click "Create a Blog" at the top of the dashboard to create a new one.

Choose a blog title and an available URL for your blog. There is an option below the URL to check the availability of the name that you have chosen.

Choose a template for your blog. You can change this later if want to try out a new design or you can even eventually create a template of your own.

Click "Start Posting" to share your thoughts on the Internet.


Create a new blog for each new topic such as work, family or creative pursuits. You can sign into Blogger using your gmail address. Manage all of your blogs from your Blogger dashboard.