How to Create a Blog & Get Paid

by Patricia K. Maggio

Business, politics and sports are just some of the topics bloggers make money writing about every day. As a popular work-from-home option, blogging has become an important marketing and advertising tool for companies and individuals. Blogs can help people promote themselves for a job interview, display portfolio work or even keep in touch with friends and family around the globe. If your goal is to make money by blogging, you need to have a clear focus and a lot of patience.

Getting Started


Brainstorm subjects you are comfortable writing about. If you cannot see yourself being interested in the topic for more than six months, move on to another topic.


Create your blog. The most popular servers for blogs are Blogger, LiveJournal and Wordpress. You can host for free on these sites, but you can also pay for your domain. A domain name typically costs about $30 to $60 per year and is more credible among pay-per-blog sites. Your earning potential with a free blog significantly decreases, and it takes longer to get accepted into a paid-blogging program.


Start blogging. Keep content fresh in search results by updating often. Try to post entries of 250 words or more since Google will more likely to pick up your blog in search results. Use keywords often and practice Search Engine Optimization, usually called SEO, to make it easier for people who are searching your topic to find you.


Advertise your blog. Get an online following by using a networking tool like Twitter or FaceBook to engage with people around the globe who share your interest. Tweet each new posting and encourage readers to subscribe.

Getting Paid


Apply for pay-to-blog programs after you've been blogging a steady three months. By three months in, if your blog is focused, visible on the Web and well-written, you will have a following.


Check blog job sites like Pay Per Post, Smorty and BloggerWave, as these are some of the most popular sites that pay bloggers who post on a regular basis.


Set up a PayPal account. When you are accepted into a pay-per-blog program, PayPal is the most common way to get paid. Link your account to your checking account if you want your money transferred to your bank.


Advertise your progress after you have been accepted to a pay-per-blog program. You may want to start another blog with another central focus or use Google AdSense to maximize your earning potential. Keep readers visiting your site by having quality, interesting content.


  • check If you are not accepted the first time by a pay-per-blog site, try again after a few months. The more established your following, the more likely your blog will be picked up.

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