How to Create an AVI File

By Mitchell White

AVI is a video format that is often used for playing movies on your computer. Not all videos that you get on your computer will be in this format. To play a video file such as one from a video camera or one in another format, like MP4, on a movie player that wants AVI format, you'll have to first create an AVI file from an original video source file that is currently in a different, incompatible format.

Visit a website that can convert files. An example would be Format Factory (see Resources below).

Download and install the software on your computer.

Activate the program by double-clicking on the shortcut on your desktop.

Click on the "Video" tab and then click "All to AVI." A new window will appear; click on "Add File" when it does. Find your original video file that you want to make an AVI through the browse window. Double-click on it.

Click "OK," which will take you back to the main screen. Click "Start" to begin the process that will create a new AVI file.