How to Create a Free Web Page With AT&T

By Kefa Olang

AT&T offers free web pages to all AT&T WorldNet service members. This option allows you to create a personal web page that can include business, interests and activities. The web pages can be created and published easily and quickly using the guiding tools, then registered as a domain name to make it easier to find your website. If you are an AT&T member and have been looking for a free page, choose the layouts, templates, graphics and text you want to create your perfect website.

Go to the AT&T personal web creation page (see Resources section).

Click "Register Today," and then type in your AT&T logon information. Once you are logged in, click "Register for Personal Pages."

Click "I agree" to proceed. Click "" to begin creating your page.

Click the "Quick Template" option to use the guided tutorial to create a quick basic web page. When prompted to, select images you want on your page from your computer or other web pages. Follow the rest of the guided steps to create a basic page.

Click "Personal Webwizard" to create a personal page with more information. This wizard will guide you on selecting background colors and web layouts.

Scan through the different options and select what works best for you. You will be given a section to add to other websites.

Click the "FTP (File Transfer Protocol)" tool when you are done customizing to publish your webpages. Follow the FTP guided steps to publish and finalize your website.