How to Create a CSV File From an AS400 File With Column Headings

By Bonnie Conrad

You can convert mainframe files to CSV format.
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The AS/400 file format is proprietary, meaning that you must have a specific type of software loaded to create or use it. But the comma separated value (CSV) file is more universal. You can read a CSV file into a number of different programs, including text editor programs, Microsoft Access databases and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Converting an existing AS/400 database file into a standard CSV format makes it available to a much larger audience of users.

Open the AS400 file you wan to convert. Type the command "CRTPF FILE(USER999/CSVPC)" to create a blank CSV file to which you can transfer that AS400 data.

Press the "F4" key. Type the record length you want to use for the file. Enter a name for the CSV file.

Type the command "CPYTOIMPF FROMFILE(*LIBL/DTAFIL) TOFILE(USER999/CSVPC)" and press the "Enter" key. Press "Enter" three more times to complete the creation of the CSV file.