How to Create a Question and Answer Database Reference Guide

by Evelyn Trimborn
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A question and answer database reference guide is a useful component for any website or corporate intranet. The answers to many commonly asked questions can be published online in order to give visitors or employees access to the answers and avoid spending too much time dealing with customer service or basic company information. An individual or company can set one up at any time and will want to use a system that will allow them to update the database easily, as more commonly asked questions occur and the answers are added.

Step 1

Make a list of frequently asked questions in the word processing program. Include information about the company, products, services and/or the website or intranet where you will be publishing the question and answer database guide.

Step 2

Copy the list of questions. Paste underneath the first list. Type an answer for each of the questions. Check the document for spelling and accuracy.

Step 3

Copy the information from Steps 1 and 2 into the Normal or WYSIWYG window of the webpage creation software program. Name the page something appropriate, such as FAQ.html.

Step 4

Apply style features as needed to the text on the page, such as bolding for the questions to make them stand out. Make sure there is a space between each question and answer in your database.

Step 5

Create an anchor tag next to the first question in the question and answer database. Link the first question from your list created in Step 1, now at the top of the webpage, to the anchor next to the first question lower down the webpage.

Step 6

Repeat Step 5 for each question and answer in the database.

Step 7

Create an anchor at the top of the page. Create a "Back to the Top" link at the end of the first question and link it to the top anchor. Copy and paste the "Back to the Top" link at the end of every question in the database reference guide.

Step 8

Link the FAQ page to your homepage or main page of your site.

Step 9

Upload the question and answer database reference guide to your webpage or intranet using your FTP software program.

Step 10

Check all the links on the page to make sure they work. Correct any broken links and republish the page using the FTP program.

Link your home page or main page to the question and answer database reference page you have created.


  • Be sure to leave plenty of space between the questions for easy reading.
  • Refer all customer service personnel and new employees to the question and answer database.
  • If your site is a WordPress blog, you can also try some of the FAQ database creation plug-ins to see if they can work for your website.


  • Make sure the FAQ page is easily reached through the main navigation at your website or intranet.
  • Be sure to keep the information updated regularly and add new questions and answers as issues arise.

Items you will need

  • Computer
  • Word processing software
  • Webpage creation software
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software
  • Website or corporate intranet

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