How to Create an Annotated List

By Tasos Vossos

Add notes on lists to explain certain actions, such as cooking and cleaning.
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Annotated lists are inventories of objects or actions accompanied with a brief explanation or comment. Such lists are important when the document is not only for personal use: for example, when you hand out camping equipment lists to children, you must explain the use of each item. There is not a set method for making annotated lists, but keeping the items on the left side of the page and the explanation on the right, makes the list easy to read.

Open Microsoft Word and go on the View menu. Click on the "Ruler" option to reveal the horizontal and vertical rulers, or select the small icon on top of the vertical scroll bar.

Right-click once in the middle of the horizontal ruler. This will leave the "tab stop," a right-angle mark resembling the letter "L." Every time you want to move on this point of the page, press "Tab" on your keyboard.

Write down the title of your first item ensuring it does not go past the "L" on the ruler. If it does, press "Enter" to continue to a new row. When you're done, place the cursor on the right edge of the first row and press "Tab."

Enter the comments on the item. Place the cursor before the first letter and press "Tab" every time words of a new row appear on the left side of the page. When you are done, press "Enter" twice, to write the next item's title.

Select one title at a time and click on the "B" button on the toolbar to make them bold and distinguish them from the comments. This way you can avoid selecting the explanations accidentally.