How to Create Animated Evites

By Louise Balle

About 600,000 people send an evite invitation to friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers every day, according to and Tech Crunch. This is a staggering figure, but when you consider the convenience of sending a quick email as opposed to writing, printing and mailing out individual invitations, the usefulness of this service is apparent. An animated Evite card might help your invitation stand out from the hundreds of thousands of other messages sent using this service.

Go to and click the "eCards" tab at the top.

Type "animated" into the search box at the left hand side of the page. You can also add your event type, such as "animated Halloween," "animated birthday" or "animated holiday" to get a narrower set of results.

Check the left side-bar of the page to see if you can narrow down the card choices even further. The services allows you to sort by occasions, recipient (such as a girlfriend or child) and tones (serious or funny).

Scroll through the library of eCard selections and choose one that is consistent with your occasion and recipient. Make sure that you are viewing cards that allow you to personalize the animated Evite with your own personal message. Click the card to look at the animation in detail. Listen to the accompanying sound, if applicable.

Click "Join Now to Send" and establish an account with Add detailed information about your event, including date, time, place and reason in the personalization box.

Enter the email addresses of your recipients and send your Evite. Allow up to an hour for all of your animated email cards to be delivered to your guests.