How to Create Advertising Door Hanger Flyers

By Catherine Hiles

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Door hangers can range from "do not disturb" signs in hotels, to professional advertising materials. Door hanger flyers are an effective way to advertise your product or service to your potential customers. Creating them is easy, materials are relatively cheap, and you can customize them to fit the needs of your target market. With a little time and creativity, you could increase your customer base drastically by getting your product or service out there using your very own design of door hanger flyers.

Step 1

Open a blank document using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer. Click on the "format" tab and select "columns". Choose a minimum of three columns and click "ok".

Step 2

Change your page layout to landscape by clicking on the "file" tab and selecting "page setup". Choose "landscape" and click "ok".

Step 3

Begin designing your door hanger flyers. You will be able to fit three on a page, one per column. Make sure to include your contact information and the name of your product and service, and specify what it is that you are advertising. Include a small picture or company logo in the center of the flyer. Leave at least a two-inch gap at the top of the flyer.

Step 4

Print out your first draft and ask some friends or family members for their opinions. Have them check for spelling errors, typos and errors in consistency. Have them make suggestions on how to improve your flyer. Make any suggested changes and have your proofreaders check the flyer one last time.

Step 5

Print your door hanger flyers on the card stock. Cut each flyer out so that it has even space on both sides, but make sure to leave the two inch gap at the top.

Step 6

Laminate each door hanger flyer using laminating sheets. Punch a hole in the two-inch space at the top of your flyer, and make a diagonal cut from the top of the hole to the top of the flyer using your scissors. This will enable you to easily place the door hanger flyer on each door.

Step 7

Distribute your door hangers and wait for your customers to come to you.