How to Create an Additional MSN Hotmail Account

By Maude Coffey

If you need more than one email account for personal or work reasons, MSN Hotmail allows you to have multiple accounts. You can create a Hotmail account solely for emails pertaining to banking and online shopping or perhaps you need a secondary email address to keep personal emails separate from work-related ones. If you ever lose your password or user name, the additional account can be a backup that the password can be sent to safely for retrieval.

Step 1

Go to the MSN homepage,

Step 2

Click on the "Hotmail" link in the top, left-hand corner.

Step 3

Click on "Sign up" in the new window or tab that opens.

Step 4

Fill in the top field with your preferred ID, such as johndoe5. Click the drop-down menu in the next field and select "".

Step 5

Click the "check availability" button to see if your preferred ID is available. If it is not available, add a different number, a period in between your name or middle initial or other combinations until you see a confirmation message that your ID is available.

Step 6

Create a password in the next field and retype the password below it in the next field. The password must be at least six characters long, and can be letters or numbers. Make the password difficult for someone to guess. Write down your new user name and password and put in a safe place.

Step 7

Type your current Hotmail address in the alternate email address field for password retrieval. You can also create a security question for password retrieval if preferred. If this is your first Hotmail address, leave this field blank for now.

Step 8

Fill in requested personal information and CAPTCHA box.

Step 9

Read the Microsoft service agreement and privacy statement. Upon agreeing with the terms and agreeing to receiving emails from MSN and affiliates, click the "I accept" button. The screen will immediately go to your new inbox.

Step 10

If this is your first Hotmail address, do these steps again to create an additional account.