How to Create a 24 X 36 Poster in Photoshop Elements

By Julie Battern

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Most photo developing stores offer large-size prints, making it possible for everyone to print their own photo-quality images. Before printing however, an image must be properly prepared. Creating a poster requires that most images be resized and saved in the right resolution. This can be accomplished with some basic knowledge of image dimensions and resolution and a few simple steps to set them properly.

Creating a 24 X 36 Inch Poster in Photoshop Elements

Step 1

Choose "File > Open" or “Control + O” and browse for the image you want to make into a poster.

Step 2

Identify the present dimensions of the image. This is found on the bottom of your image’s workspace. There you will see a percent number which tells you what percentage of the entire image is appearing in your workspace. Next to that is a drop-down box that shows various information about your image. If the dimensions are not shown, open the drop-down box and check "Document Dimensions." You will now see the size of your image and its present resolution. A 24- x 36-inch poster needs to have a resolution of at least 240, though 300 will result in a better quality printed picture. If your image is this size, you’re ready to send it to the printer.

Step 3

Resize your image by choosing "Image > Resize > Image Size" or by clicking “Control + Alt + I.” In the dialogue box you will see two boxes--Pixel Dimensions and Document Size. Pixel Dimensions are normally adjusted for computer images, while Document Size is adjusted for print images. In the drop-down boxes on the right side of the Document Size box there are a number of options for measuring the image size. Choose "Inches." Set the width to 24 inches and the height to 36. Don’t click "OK" yet.

Step 4

Adjust the resolution of your image. If the resolution is less than 240, you will need to resample your image. In the drop-down box next to "Resample Image" (make sure it is checked), choose "Bicubic Smooth." Set your resolution at 300 and click "OK."

Step 5

Choose "File > Save As." In dialogue box name your image and choose JPEG as the file type. Click "OK." You are now ready to print your picture.