My Craigslist Activation Email Is Not Being Sent

By Paul Higgins

While you should normally receive a verification email right after posting an ad on Craigslist, technical issues can sometimes delay email transmission for several minutes or hours. If, despite waiting, the email still fails to materialize in your inbox, you may then want to check your spam folder or, as a last resort, submit your ad again using a different email address.

Check Your Spam Folder

Spam filters used by email providers sometimes mislabel genuine emails as spam. If your email provider -- for example, Yahoo, AOL or Gmail -- mistakenly labeled the Craigslist verification email as spam, you should be able to find it by looking inside your Spam folder. Once you have found and opened the email, click on the Not Spam button or link to tell your email provider not to label similar emails to you as spam in the future.

Use a Different Email Address

There are a few issues that may prevent you from ever receiving the email, such as rules set in place by corporate or academic email servers to block incoming emails from Craigslist or simply the fact that you may have made an error while entering your email in the original ad. Composing a brand new ad with a new email address from an alternate provider may be the only option if you still have not received the verification email despite waiting and searching your spam folder for it.