How to Crack RAR Files

By Jesse Strickland

RAR files provide encrypted compression.
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RAR (Roshal Archive) files store compressed data and are created and unpacked using WinRAR (among other other programs designed to do the same thing). RAR files can be password protected using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, making the passwords very difficult to crack. RAR password crackers have popped up on the Internet, and some are available for free download. However, most of these RAR password crackers do not try to break the code and rather work more like a very thorough version of trial and error, so they can take some time.

Go online and search for "RAR password crack [operating system]." Many RAR password crackers are dedicated to one operating system or another, and, as the RAR file format was first released back in 1993, some RAR password crackers are very old. Find one that works for your operating system and represents the latest in RAR password cracking technology. Some are free, some are not, but just don't pay more for the password cracker than what you would for whatever is in the RAR file you're trying to crack.

Download the RAR password cracker that fits your operating and monetary needs. Follow the onscreen instructions to properly install.

Choose your password search method. Most programs offer a variety of methods, from searching word lists to searching all possible combinations of characters. If you usually use passwords that are real words (as opposed to names or made-up nonsense), the word list method is far more quick than searching all characters. If the password is a long, random combination of characters, the all character search could take weeks or months.