How to Get a Cox Remote to Work for the TV (11 Steps)

By Brad Chacos

You only need to program your Cox remote to your television once.
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Your new Cox cable box comes with a remote included so that you can operate the device. The remote does more than change channels; it's a universal remote, which means it can control your television and other devices like DVD or VCR players, eliminating the need to keep a handful of different remotes scattered around your recliner. Before you can take advantage of the universal remote functions, you'll need to program the Cox remote to recognize your TV.

Basic Setup

Step 1

Look up the manufacturer code for your television model in the Cox remote's instruction manual. For example, if you have a Sony television, look up the manufacturer code for Sony.

Step 2

Turn on the television.

Step 3

Press the "TV" button on your Cox remote.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Setup" button until the TV button blinks two times.

Step 5

Enter the manufacturer code for your television. If there are several codes, start with the four-digit number that's listed first.

Step 6

Watch for the "TV" button to blink. If it doesn't blink and several manufacturer codes are listed for your model, repeat the process until one of the codes works.

Step 7

Press "Power." If the setup worked, the TV should turn off.

Search For Code

Step 1

Press "TV" and hold "Setup" until the "TV" button blinks if none of the manufacturer codes in the manual work for the remote.

Step 2

Press "9-9-1." The TV button should blink.

Step 3

Point the controller at the television. Press "Power," then "TV" in slow, alternating turns. Watch for the television to turn off.

Step 4

Press, but do not hold, the "Setup" button once. The code that worked is locked into the remote, and you can now control your TV with the device.