Will Cox Put Two Cable Modems in One Location?

By Eoghan McCloskey

A cable modem connected to a wireless router can serve the needs of several computer users at once.
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In most cases, a high-speed Internet provider will need to install a modem in your home to provide access to their high-speed network. Typically, just one modem is installed per home as one modem meets the networking needs of most customers. Some customers do choose to add an additional modem to their account.

Modem Policies

Depending on your geographic area, Cox will most likely offer several different options in regard to modem equipment. You will likely have the option of leasing a modem for a fixed monthly charge or purchasing a modem outright. Some providers allow you to purchase a modem from a store, as well. Cox modem policies differ from market to market, so contact a local Cox representative to see whether you can install two modems.

Cable Outlets

Cable modems require a stronger cable signal from the cable outlet to the modem than a standard TV connection requires. Cox installers often set up only one cable jack in the home to support a cable modem. Determine how many of your outlets are Internet-ready; for a second modem, a Cox installation technician may have to make a second cable jack Internet-ready.

Costs of Internet Service

Modems cannot provide access to the Internet unless an Internet service "package" is sent to the modem. Therefore, using two modems in the home may require the purchase of a second Internet service package. In some regions, Cox doubles the cost of your current Internet service with a second modem, while in other regions they offer a bundled discount. Contact a local Cox sales rep to determine what additional Internet service charges you can expect to pay when using two modems.


When you contact a Cox sales representative regarding a second modem in the home, ask about any potential service charges that may accompany the installation of a second modem in your home. Discuss with the representative the advantages of having two modems versus purchasing a router that can enable you to set up a home network.