Does Cox Internet Require a Contract?

By Oneil Williams

No long-term contract is required for Cox high-speed Internet.
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Cox Communications does not require a long-term contract for new subscriptions to the company's high-speed Internet service. According to the company's subscriber agreement, either you or Cox may terminate services at any time without cause by providing a 24-hour notice in writing. In the case of subscribers, you may also call to notify the company of a termination of service. Be aware of the restrictions in place for high-speed Internet subscribers.


You must meet minimum computer requirements to be eligible to subscribe to Cox high-speed Internet. You must rent or purchase a DOCSIS-compliant modem, be at least 18 years old and consent to a credit check for services to be established. You must also agree not to modify or tamper Cox's equipment or service or allow any entity not authorized by Cox to do so.


Cox offers a range of plans to subscribers based on Internet usage and activities. Subscribes should read through the subscriber agreement carefully to ensure compliance with the terms of service. Cox high-speed Internet subscribers must not engage in activities that break any federal, state or other applicable laws. Subscribers cannot resell Cox high-speed Internet services or engage in commercial business activities under a residential subscriber agreement. Cox also has data storage, bandwidth and electronic-mail limitations on all of its high-speed Internet plans. Hacking or attempting unauthorized access to any system with Cox's high-speed Internet service may lead to a termination of the subscriber agreement.

Terms and Conditions

Cox agrees to install and maintain its equipment according to industry standards and applicable regulations. The provider expects you to make your payments in a timely fashion and reserves the right to assess fees or terminate services for delinquent payments. Access must be provided to premises for any repairs, installations or upgrades to Cox equipment. Subscribers will abide by all Cox agreements and understand that any violations can result in suspension or termination of services.

Price Lock Guarantee Agreement

While Cox does not require you to sign a long-term contract to establish service, you have the right to opt into a Cox Price Lock Guarantee Agreement. Rhode Island, Connecticut and Ohio can opt into a 12-month price lock agreement. Twenty-four month price lock agreements are available in select states. Under these agreements, Cox will not increase your high-speed Internet service rates above the regular rate of service at time of order. Promotions are honored under the agreement and gift card and other incentives are provided as long as service is not disconnected before 30 days from the official agreement start date. Termination of service before the expiration date on the agreement will result in an early termination fee.