Cox Call Blocking Instructions

By Mandy Slake

Cox Communications offers several blocking features to its phone customers. You can block outgoing calls to 900 or 976 numbers. You can block incoming calls from restricted numbers and block caller ID on your outgoing calls. All of these features must be added to your account first, so call Cox and have a customer service representative enable them.

Locate the Cox Communications ( contact number for your state. There are different numbers depending on your location. Click your state from the drop down menu on the Cox "Contact Us" page and click the "Go" button.

Call the number and ask to speak with customer care.

Advise the customer care representative which feature you would like to add to your account. Anonymous call rejection blocks calls with blocked caller ID. In addition, 900 and 976 number blocking prevents the phone from dialing pay-per-minute lines and is always enabled. Caller ID per-call blocking allows you to toggle caller ID off for one call. Caller ID per-line blocking lets you set caller ID off permanently.

Dial "77" from your phone to turn on anonymous call rejection. Dial "87" to turn it off.

Dial "*67" then the number to turn on caller ID per-call blocking for one call.

Dial "*82" to enable caller ID per-line blocking.