Cost to Transfer 8 mm Film to DVD

by Andrew Walker

With the scarcity of 8 mm film and playback devices, many places offer services to transfer these to a digital version. This preserves the quality of the film, and is done by most places at a reasonable price.

Reproduction Quality

When companies transfer old 8 mm film to DVD, they usually process it through programs that restore its quality. This means that your film may end up looking better on the DVD than it does off of the reel.


Companies that transfer film usually charge $10 to $20 per hourlong reel as of 2010. Sometimes they charge per DVD, which can have the same price range per DVD.

Bulk Transfers

When transferring many reels, companies provide large discounts. Usually for every 10 reels, the processing is $1 off per video. As an example, instead of spending $20 per reel, at 80-plus reels, you would spend $12 per reel.

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