How to Connect a Splitter for Use With Cable & High-Speed Internet

By Robert Bayly

The coax cable in your home handles 75 ohms.
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If you've added Internet service, your cable TV package you will be faced with the problem of having only one cable coming into your house that runs your cable box and now you need another cable for your cable modem. This problem is solved by the installation of a cable splitter. A splitter is a small box that a single cable goes into at one end and has two cables come out the other end. A splitter can be purchased at any electronics retailer. When purchasing a splitter, be sure to specify that you need one for an Internet signal because a standard TV cable splitter won't transmit the Internet signal. You also need two coax cables to run from the splitter to your TV and your modem.

Step 1

Unscrew the coax cable from your TV cable box. You should be able to unscrew the cable by hand. If it's too tight, use pliers to loosen it and finish removing it by hand.

Step 2

Screw the cable into the end of the splitter with the single fitting.

Step 3

Screw one end of a new cable into one of the outputs of the splitter and connect it to your TV. Screw the other cable into the other output on the splitter and connect it to your cable modem.