How to Use Cordless Phone with VoIP

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

Cordless phones provide you the comfort of mobility within your premises while calling or receiving calls. Cordless phones in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) work the same way as a regular cordless phone with standard phone connection. VoIP service providers have now made cordless phones available to subscribers. There are few cordless phone manufacturers and the idea of using cordless phones with VoIP is still catching up.

Surf the Internet for VoIP service providers that offer cordless phones along with their subscription plan. Currently, VoIP service providers require users to use customized phone handsets and have tie-ups with phone manufacturers. This means that not all providers offer you cordless phones with their VoIP service. Moreover, a cordless phone does not work with every VoIP service.

Visit websites of some top service providers such as Vonage, Packet8, and Cbeyond. Skype, for example, offers its subscribers the latest cordless phone handsets.

Subscribe and buy a plan from a VoIP provider. Make sure they offer a VoIP enabled cordless phone. Learn about the various features and technical specifications of the phone. Read reviews before placing an order.

Check the warranty on the phone before buying. Cordless phones usually have a short life. Batteries are another problem. See if you need to replace batteries. Check for its availability and quality. Always buy from authorized dealer.

Install and set up your VoIP service. Make sure your cordless is in working condition. Check the batteries. You will need to charge your phone before you can use it. Cordless VoIP phones use a wireless signal. The best part about cordless phones in VoIP is that you can use it for PC-to-PC calls as well as PC to phone calls.

Plug in your cordless phone into the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port of the computer. Your cordless phone will normally communicate over a 2.4 GHz radio signal. This may vary depending on the service provider and phone manufacturer. The calls are routed through your PC's Internet connection using the service of your VoIP provider.

Check the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display on your cordless phone. It will indicate your connection status and signal quality. Dial the number and start using the cordless. Roam within the range of your cordless device.


Choose a user-friendly model, if you have an option. Search for different cordless models provided by the VoIP provider. Verify the voice clarity. If the signal is weak, you may experience breaks in speech with a deteriorating voice modulation. In such cases, move closer to your connecting handset.

Make sure you free up the memory of your voicemail box regularly. Keep your cordless phone in charging mode when lying idle or unused.