How to Copy Video From a Computer Onto a DVD

By Greyson Ferguson

Burn video onto blank DVDs.
i a dvd-r disc image by wayne ruston from

If you have a video on your computer, you may want to share it with other individuals. However, if they can't come to your computer, you need to find a way to put the video on a movable media device. A video DVD is perfect for this because it can play on any DVD player or computer with a built-in DVD drive. Copying the video files from your computer to a DVD only takes a few minutes to complete, then you can begin sharing your videos with friends and family.

Insert the blank DVD into the DVD burner on your computer. Launch the DVD-burning software installed on your system.

Select "Video DVD" from the available formats. This is the format you want to play the videos on a DVD player.

Select the "Add Video" option on the program, then select the video files from your computer, and click "OK." It takes a moment, but the video files appear on the display window of your software.

Title the DVD movie by clicking the "Title" bar on the top of the screen, then click "Burn," and the video files from your computer are placed onto a DVD.