How to Copy a VHS to a CD

By Jill Aho

Every household at one time had a VCR that used VHS tapes which allowed people to record and play back movies, television shows and home videos. Times have changed, and with advances in technology, the common VCR has been replaced in most households by DVD players capable of playing multiple-format discs. In order to transfer video and audio on a VHS tape to a CD capable of being played in a computer or DVD player, one needs a digital video converter and a VCR. Digital video converters change analog videos to digital ones, improving the quality when transferring from VHS to CD.

Connecting, transferring and recording from VHS to CD

Connect the RCA cord (red, yellow and white) to an output on the VCR. Connect the other end of the RCA cord to the digital video converter.

Connect the USB cord to the digital converter box. Connect the other end of the cord to your computer.

Open video recording software on your computer. Many programs are available for download on the Internet and in retail stores. Choose the "capture video" option or a similar one. Select the correct video device.

Name the file and select "start capture." Insert the VHS tape in the VCR and press "play." Play until the desired amount of video has been captured. Then press "stop" on both the computer and the VCR.

Edit the video if desired using your movie software.

Open your CD writing software. Place a blank CD in your CD writer or a blank DVD in your DVD writer. If you are using a CD, choose to record in a VCD format. If using a DVD, choose video format. When using DVD-R, DVD-RW, or DVD+R, disc finalization will likely be necessary. This will create a video playable in your computer and many models of DVD players.