How to Copy From a Time Warner DVR to a Computer

By Maya Austen

Copying a recording from a Time Warner DVR to a computer is not like transferring a file from one device to another. The only way to get the video saved in the DVR to the computer is to dub the video in real-time. Before you get started, however, you need to set up the computer to receive video and audio signal from the DVR. This connection is made possible through the use of a video capture card.

Connect DVR to Computer

Step 1

Load the video capture card's installation CD into the computer's CD drive. An installation wizard will automatically open. Follow the wizard's on-screen instructions to install the drivers needed to operate the video capture device onto the computer. You do not have to repeat this step once the drivers are installed.

Step 2

Plug one end of a USB cable into the capture card's USB jack. (Some video capture cards come with the USB cable already connected to the device, in which case skip this part of the step.) Plug the other end of the capture card's USB cable into an unused USB jack on the computer.

Step 3

Insert one end of the red AV cable into the DVR's red AV Out jack labeled "Audio R." Insert one end of the white AV cable into the DVR's white AV Out jack labeled "Audio L." Insert one end of the yellow AV cable into the DVR's yellow AV Out jack labeled "Video." Plug the other end of each AV cable into the matching colored AV input jack on the video capture card.

Turn on the TV and DVR.

Dub Video Playing from the DVR into the Computer

Step 1

Open the Start menu on the computer. Type "windows live movie maker" in the "Search" box. Click "Windows Live Movie Maker" in the search results.

Step 2

Click the white arrow in the upper left corner of the Windows Live Movie Maker window. Select "Import from Device" from the drop-down menu that opens. If you see a pop up message stating "Photos and videos will be imported into Windows Live Photo Gallery," click "OK."

Step 3

Click on the listing of the video capture card in the device list. Click "Import" then follow the remaining prompts to prepare your video capture session. At the last prompt you will see a preview window which, if everything is hooked up properly, displays whatever is currently playing on the DVR.

Step 4

Press "List" on the cable remote control. Use the remote's arrow buttons to highlight "By Title." Highlight the program you want to transfer to the computer. Press "Select" to start playback of the selected program from the DVR. Click "Import" in Windows Live Movie Maker to start dubbing the video into the computer.

Click "Stop" in Windows Live Movie Maker to end the recording. Click "Finished."