How to Copy Text From a Kindle Book

by Shawn McClain
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As you read a book on your Kindle, you may want to save some text for future reference. While the Kindle enables you to copy and paste from Web pages in a browser, you cannot directly copy from an eBook. However, Amazon does offer a highlighting feature, which enables you to access highlighted text from your Amazon account.

Step 1

Navigate to the page on your eBook from which you want to copy text.

Step 2

Use your five-way navigational button to move the cursor to the location where you want to start highlighting. Press the middle of the button to start. If using a Kindle with a touch interface, simply press and hold on the spot to start.

Step 3

Move the cursor, either by using the five-way directional button or by dragging the highlighting icon, to the end of the passage that you want to highlight. Press the five-way directional button to complete the highlight. For Kindles with a touch interface, you will now have to choose "Highlight" from a menu that appears.

Step 4

Press the "Home" button to exit the book. This forces the Kindle to sync with your Amazon Kindle account.

Step 5

Navigate to the Amazon Kindle site (link in Resources). Log in to your Amazon account, if necessary.

Step 6

Click "Your Highlights" and a list of all your highlights will appear. Highlight the text by clicking and dragging your mouse over it, then press "Ctrl-C" to copy it.

Open a new word processing or text editing document. Place your cursor on the page and press "Ctr-V" to paste the copied text.


  • Your Kindle must have a connection for this to work. If you are currently somewhere without a signal, your Amazon account will not update with the highlight until the Kindle gets service.


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