How to Copy Text From a Browser on My iPhone

by KR Knowlin

Copying text from the browser on your iPhone provides a faster way to record data than hand-writing information. With the iPhone's built-in Safari app, you can copy text, links and pictures just as you might normally on the Safari desktop Web browser. You may find this useful for copying phone numbers, directions or other important data from the Safari browser.


Open the Safari app. Navigate to the webpage containing the text you want to copy.


Double-tap to zoom in on the text.


Touch and hold an area of the text to activate the selection tool. The select tool magnifies the area near your finger and highlights a word of text.


Drag your finger along the touch screen to highlight a different word.


Lift your finger from the touch screen to bring up the copy tool. The last word your finger touched will remain selected.


Drag the blue selection dots of the copy tool to expand the area of text currently selected. For example, drag the upper-left blue selection dot toward the left to select text left of the initial high-lighted word. Drag the lower-right blue select dot toward the right to select text right of the initial high-lighted word. You can also drag the selection dots upward and downward to select text above and below.


Tap the "Copy" button to copy all the text you have selected.

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