How to Copy Wireless Settings From One Laptop to Another

By Dustin Lamb

Windows lets you easily transfer Wi-Fi settings with a flash drive.
i Jeffrey Hamilton/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Windows 7 and newer operating systems allow you to copy the wireless network settings that you have set up on one laptop to another. This is a good way to simplify setting up a network connection on multiple computers. You may also want to do this if you are having trouble setting up a connection on a second computer, but the first one is already set up. The computer will automatically use the same settings as the other, which helps eliminate the problem of manually inputting incorrect settings by mistake.

Insert your flash drive into an available USB port on the computer that is already configured to connect to the wireless network. Close the Autoplay window if it appears. If it does not appear, skip to the next step.

Click "Start" and type "wireless" (without quotes) into the automatically selected search box. Click "Manage wireless networks" under the "Control Panel" heading.

Right-click the name of the wireless network that you want to copy the connection setting for and click "Properties." Click "Copy this network profile to a USB flash drive."

Click "Next" in the "Copy Network Settings" window that opened. Click "Close" and remove the flash drive from the first computer.

Insert the flash drive into the second computer. Click "Start," "Computer" and double click the name of the flash drive.

Double click the file "setupSNK." Click "Yes" in the window that opened to confirm that you want to copy the settings to the computer.

Click "OK." The wireless network connection settings have been transferred to the computer. To connect to the network, click the "Network" icon in the Windows taskbar, then click the name of the network and "Connect."