How to Copy the Format of One Report to Another in Access 2007

By Foye Robinson

Save time formatting your Access reports.
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Access 2007 reports are built from queries, data retrieved from one or more tables. You can save time by using the format of an existing Access report in another. When you copy an existing report in Access, its data, design and formatting are retained. You can use the Record Source property to customize the data so it pulls the correct query for your report. The Record Source property is visible in Design view.

Open the database with the report format you want to use.

Select "Reports" in the Navigation Pane. Right-click on the report you want to copy and select "Copy" from the pop-up. Right-click anywhere in the Navigation Pane and select "Paste." The "Paste As" dialog box opens. Enter a file name for the copied report in the "Report Name" text field. Click "OK."

Right-click the copied report in the Navigation Pane and select "Design View."

Press the "F4" key to make the "Property Sheet" task pane visible. The task pane opens on the right.

Select "Report" from the "Selection type" drop-down list in the task pane. Click the "Data" tab.

Select the "Record Source" drop-down list and highlight the query containing the data you need.