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A PDF file is an abbreviation of the term Portable Document Format. This file format is suitable for free and easy document and file exchange because of its open-standard nature. It is a file format developed by the Adobe Systems company and it has been very popular and widespread since its introduction in 1993. A PDF file can be protected or encrypted with a password or it can contain embedded restrictions regarding copying and editing. If you want to save or edit a protected PDF file, you have to know how to copy it first.

Step 1

Download the tools and programs necessary for managing a protected PDF file. For example, some of the best options available for download from the Internet are PDF Password remover and Primo PDF. The password remover is available on the AnyPDFtools website and Primo PDF on its own official website, both listed in the Resources section.

Step 2

Open the folder on your computer where the PDF file is stored. If you want to copy a file from the Internet, then open the website where the PDF file is located. Just make sure to access the icon that represents the PDF you want to copy.

Step 3

Right-click on the PDF file to reveal a small window. Choose the option "Decrypt with Password Remover" to immediately remove the password.

Step 4

Convert the PDF file into a Word file simply by dragging the file icon in to the icon of the Primo PDF program. You don’t even need to open the Primo PDF program. Just drop the PDF file onto its icon and a new Word document will immediately appear on the screen.

Copy and save, edit and print the Word document as you wish once it has been converted from the protected PDF format.


  • Learn about copyright infringement and handling protected and sensitive information. Keep in mind that copying the content of the PDF file in question may be considered theft.


  • Many password removing programs that need to be paid for offer a free trial available for a number of days or a number of documents, so consider this temporary option as well.


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