How to Copy a Protected DVD With Roxio

By Suvro Banerji

Copying protected DVD with Roxio
i dvd box image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

Roxio is software that allows you to copy and burn DVDs and CDs on your computer. However, it does not allow you to burn copy protected DVDs. To do this, you will need external DVD transcoder software to create a mirror image of your DVD. This will let you retain all the original characteristics of the DVD, including the disc menu and subtitles.

Download a DVD transcoder that can copy DVD movies. You can find several of these on the market. Some of the popular ones are DVD Shrink, CloneDVD, DVDXPress and DVD2ONE.

Insert the DVD into your computer. Launch the DVD transcoder that you downloaded.

Open the disc via the DVD transcoder. This process differs from one software to another. Typically, you can execute this task by clicking on "Open Disc" on the top bar.

Follow the prompts to create a backup copy (mirror image) of the DVD. Make sure to select "ISO Image File" as your backup target. Wait until the software creates a backup copy of your DVD. This may take a long time depending on the size of the contents of the DVD.

Once the backup copy is complete, eject the DVD and insert a blank DVD.

Launch Roxio. Hit the Start button and select "All Programs." Scroll up to find the folder for Roxio. Click on the shortcut "Roxio Creator."

Click the icon "Data---Copy" on the left panel.

Click "Burn Disc Image" under the sub-heading "Create."

Hit "Browse" to locate the backup copy of the DVD.

Hit the "Go" button to complete the task. Your newly created DVD should eject out automatically when the burning process is completed.