How to Copy a Protected CD to ISO

By Ziggy Thomas

Many companies make software to copy CDs that are protected.
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Many CDs today are sold with protection installed on them to prevent people from copying them illegally. If you buy a CD, you have the right to back it up to keep the original CD safe from scratches or other harm. The protection on the CD can make this difficult if you do not have the right software. Many companies make software to copy CDs that are protected into any format such as ISO. You can search the Internet or go to an electronics store to buy the software needed.

Install the protected CD burning software by inserting the disc or downloading from the Internet and following the installation instructions. There are many different programs that can copy a protected CD to ISO such as ISO Ripper or IsoBuster

Insert the CD you want to copy into your computer.

Start the program you installed and follow any set-up instructions such as selecting where to write copied files. (Make sure you choose somewhere you will remember and be able to find so you have access to your newly copied files. You may want to make a folder where all copies will be held together.) Upon installation, most programs create a default folder in which to save copies.

Copy your CD into ISO format. Most copy programs are straightforward and require you simply to select a copy destination if not done already. Click "Copy to ISO" once the CD is entered because it automatically recognizes there is a CD. IsoBuster works this way; ISO ripper only requires you to open "My Computer" then right-click the CD drive and select "Rip ISO Image."

Leave the CD in the drive and wait for the program to complete the copy (a message will appear telling you when it is done). The ISO file will be saved in the directory that you set up earlier. Remove the original CD from the drive.