How to Copy Protect an SD Card

By Greyson Ferguson

Most SD memory cards offer copy protection.
i SD Card Toolbox image by Ron-Heidelberg from

An SD memory card is a small, portable memory unit that typically is used in digital cameras and even in some phones. After using a particular SD card, you may want to make sure the content is not accidentally saved over or removed, and thankfully most SD cards have a built-in copy protection switch that allows you to prevent any files from being deleted or moved.

Eject the SD memory card from your electronic device.

Flip the SD card over or on its side. You should see a small switch on the back or side.

Push the switch down (in the direction of the "Lock" label if there is one). This enables the copy protection of the SD card.

Insert the SD card back into your digital device. You can no longer copy content to the SD card.