How to Copy Programs to a Memory Stick

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Moving from one computer to another, it is understandable that you would want to copy over the programs that have become essential to you. Or maybe you just want your applications to be portable so that you can always have them with you no matter where you are. More and more software companies are making special portable editions of their popular programs so that they can be installed right onto a memory stick. If there isn't a portable version of the program you want to copy, it is easy just to copy it over to the memory stick.

Step 1

Insert the memory stick into the computer's USB drive.

Step 2

Find the containment folder of the program files that you want to copy over to the memory stick. These folders are usually found by clicking on "Start > Computer," then double-clicking "C: Drive > Program Files."

Step 3

Right-click on the containing folder of the program and point the mouse pointer to "Send to." Click on the drive that houses the memory stick. For instance, if your memory stick is Drive E, you will click on "Drive E" as the place to send the folder to. Most likely the name of your memory stick is listed next to the drive letter, so look for that.

Copy over registry entries. Some programs won't work unless the registry entries are present. Click on "Start > Run." Type in "regedit" and wait for all the registry entries to appear. Find the registry entry for your program, right-click on it and send it to the memory stick.


  • The easiest way to copy programs from one computer to another using a memory stick is just to copy the setup or installation file. Then you can reinstall it on the other computer.
  • Portable Apps are just one type of application that install portable applications on to a memory stick. See their website for the applications that are portable. (See "Resources.")


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