How to Copy Pictures from a Samsung SPH-M320

by Derek King

The Samsung SPH-M320 is a compact flip phone available for Sprint Wireless cell phone subscribers. The phone includes an external display, voice SMS and text messaging, a speakerphone and access to mobile web. Additionally, the M320 includes a digital camera with zoom that can store hundreds of images. The cell phone is capable of copying the images captured with the digital camera onto a computer. The copying process only takes a few steps, and requires the provided USB data cable.

Connect the smaller end of a USB data cable into the "Charger / Accessories" jack located on the left side of the phone. Insert the other end of the cable into the computer, using any available USB ports. The computer will recognize the newly installed hardware, and search the M320 for any memory or stored files.

Observe the AutoPlay window that appears on the computer screen. Select the option entitled "Import Pictures and Videos." The computer will search the Samsung M320 for images stored on the computer.

In the space labeled "Tag These Pictures (Optional)," create a title for the group of images that will be imported onto the computer. Click Import to begin transferring the images from the Samsung SGH-M320 onto the computer. Allow several minutes for the computer to import multiple images.

About the Author

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