How to Copy & Paste Values in Fields in Access

By Foye Robinson

One or more fields (columns) in a Microsoft Access table make up a row (record) of values. Access allows you to modify, delete and move content within the database. You can copy and paste the values in a field into a new row. This reduces error and keeps you from retyping an entire row. "Design" view gives you access to a field and its properties, while "Datasheet" view gives you access to a field's values.

Open the database containing the fields you want to copy.

Expand "Tables" or "Queries" in the Database window.

Double-click the table you want to open. Switch to Datasheet view by clicking the "Home" tab in the ribbon and going to the "Views" tab. Select "View" and "Datasheet."

Right-click on the row selector (on the left of the row) to select the entire row within a table.

Select "Copy" from the pop-up list.

Scroll down to the last row.

Right-click on the row selector and select "Paste." The values in the fields are added.