How to Copy & Paste a Song

By Michael Black

Copying and pasting is a simple way to move music files on your computer.
i notebook computer image by Lisa Eastman from

The easiest way to transfer music from one place to another on a computer is to copy the song file from its original folder and paste it to the location where you want the song to be transferred. The song file you want to copy has to be on your computer---not on a CD, Youtube or an online radio station---in order to be copied and pasted.

Locate the song that you wish to copy. Songs are often located in your music folder, listed underneath the band that performs the song and the album that the song is on.

Right-click the specific song that you want to copy. Find the copy tab in the pop-up window that appears.

Left-click the copy tab. At this point, the song is copied onto your clipboard.

Open the folder or location into which you wish to paste the song. You can store a song file in any folder on your computer.

Right-click the background of the destination folder. Find the paste tab in the pop-up window.

Left-click the paste tab. The song should appear in the folder after you click paste.