How to Copy & Paste a Picture in Windows

by Kathryn Hatter

While using a Windows-based computer, copying and moving data from one place to another place within your computer is a process that you will perform often. To copy and paste a picture in Windows, for example, you will first copy the image onto the clipboard. The clipboard is a temporary storage location that will hold data until you overwrite it with different data. Once you have placed the image onto the clipboard, you can then paste it into a new location.


Navigate to the image that you want to copy and click the image with your mouse to highlight it.


Right-click the image after highlighting it and choose “Copy” from the window of options that appears. The image is now on your clipboard. Alternatively, instead of right-clicking the image, click the “Organize” tab at the top of the file window and select “Copy” from the options that appear.


Navigate to the location where you wish to place the copied image and right-click your mouse in this location.


Select “Paste” from the window of options that appears. The image will appear in the new location.


  • check As long as you do not overwrite the copied image from its temporary location on the clipboard, you can continue to paste the image in other locations as many times as you desire. The image will stay on the clipboard until you place something else onto the clipboard, which thus overwrites the image.

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