How to Copy Web Pages

by Wanda Richards

Sometimes you need a copy of a web page. You might want to send the copy to a friend, or you can store the copy as a record of what the web page said on a particular day. Remember, web pages are always changing.

You may also want to copy the code used on the page in order to create your own web page. Learn how to get the code and graphics used on any web page.

Point your browser to the page you wish to copy.

Go to the upper left corner of your browser and click "File."

Select the option "Save Page As..." to save the page to your desktop.

You will now see a pop-up screen that will give you the option for the file name. Give the file a name that you will be able to remember when you are ready to access the file later on.

Select "Web Page, complete" to save the web page and all of its graphics and JavaScripts that go along with it. If you only want the code for the page, select either "Web Page, HTML only" or "Text Files."

Select "Save" in the lower right corner. Once you have done this, you will have a copy of the web page on your hard drive.


  • close This technique will only copy the web page to your hard drive and not to another location on the web. If you would like to display this page on the web, you will need to put the web page code on an Internet server.

About the Author

Wanda Richards writes online tutorials for computer software. She has more then 15 years of experience as a webmaster, audio and video editor, and technical writer. Richards earned a master's in linguistics and taught English as a second language for a number of years.