How to Copy Outlook Email to Disc

by Sam N. Austin

Microsoft recommends backing up email regularly. One method using Microsoft Outlook 2003 is to create a PST file containing a copy of all your emails. You can then copy the PST file with all your Outlook email to compact disc.

Step 1

From the File menu in Microsoft Outlook, select "Import and Export." Select "Export to a file," and then click "Next." In the Export to a File window, click "Personal Folder File (PST)," and then click "Next."

Step 2

In the Export Personal Folders window, confirm that the "Personal Folders" tree is highlighted and check the box next to "Include Sub-Folders" to ensure that all information in Microsoft Outlook will be copied. Then click "Next."

Step 3

In the Export Personal Folders window, click "Browse" to select the location where the PST file will be saved, and then click "Finish." This opens a Create Microsoft Personal Folders window.

In the Create Microsoft Personal Folders window, you may enter a name for your PST file, choose to encrypt it or set a password for it. When you have finished, press "OK." This finishes the process of creating the PST file. Use your CD-burning software now to copy the PST file. You'll now have a complete copy of all your Outlook email backed up on a CD.


  • Storage space on a CD is limited to 650 MB. If your PST file is larger than that, use the CD-spanning option on your CD-burning software.


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